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Rフレグランス The Founder


Founded: 2017
Founder: Chihiro Murai
Operated by: R fragrance Co.
CEO:Chihiro Murai
Official Website:Rfragrance JAPAN

I had doubts about the fact that the perfumes on the Japanese market were all imported from overseas, and wanted to create perfumes that fit the humid Japanese climate, the Japanese skin, and the Japanese sense of smell.

Chihiro Murai(WWD2017.2)


I think it is great to be appreciated by many people, but personally I am not interested in being appreciated by everyone. I am happy as long as there is one person with whom I can share my world view, philosophy, and values. I will continue to pursue the unique fragrance of R fragrance and become sharper and sharper.

Chihiro Murai

 R fragrance is a Japanese perfume brand founded by perfumer Chihiro Murai in January 2017 and launched in March of the same year. Today, her brand is slowly gaining recognition among Japanese perfume lovers, and the brand is gaining popularity for her unique world view, unique combination of fragrances, and high quality that is not too habit-forming.

 Born in Osaka City, Murai developed an interest in fragrance balls (also known as odor balls, which are scented balls that are contained in a bottle) and cologne at a young age, and made her first perfume debut at Christmas in her third year of junior high school. It seems that this was triggered by seeing a fragrance feature in a magazine at the time.
 After graduating from Kobe College, she went on to work for a general company, but while collecting perfumes, she learned about the profession of perfumers and moved to Tokyo to become a perfumer.

Since my student days, I have studied thought, philosophy, psychology, etc. I have been interested in reading and shaping the invisible, and have immersed myself in expressing the inner feelings of human beings. This has led me to the creation of my current fragrances.

Chihiro Murai

 After completing her professional education, she obtained her certification from the Japan Perfumery Technician Certification Board and worked as a perfumer for a company that produced fragrances before setting up her own company, Fragrance Design Lab, in 2014.

 In 2013, she created the aroma for an airline lounge and the scent for in-flight hand towels, and has also created original fragrances for other prominent companies, including a certain luxury hotel. She has also been active in a variety of fields, such as lecturing at fragrance seminars and providing counseling.

 In 2017, she will launch her own perfume brand, R fragrance.

Although I have started my own perfume brand, I do not want to promote only our scents. I think a good fragrance is good regardless of brand, and I recommend it to others, and I originally started out as an incomparable perfume lover.

Chihiro Murai

All About R fragrance

We want to be that kind of fragrance and brand that gently accompanies the person with the fragrance they need at that moment.
“Smell good when you pass by”
“Smell deep when you are in the moment.”
“A fragrance that makes you unforgettable.”

This is what we at R Fragrance believe Japanese elegance is all about.

Chihiro Murai

Basic Information

 R fragrance was born as “a Japan-made fragrance brand that expresses the richness of Japan and offers fragrances that fill the heart. The first “R” in the brand name is an acronym for “RIN (Rin, meaning pure, brave, and beautiful),” “RICH (meaning luxurious and rich),” and “RARE (meaning rare and precious). Rin” is also used for “ririshii,” which also means “to feel powerful and strong-willed, and to be dependable. It may also mean to create perfumes without bending one’s own convictions.

 At the time of the brand launch, the brand concept was
・Exotic Kobe, with its unique culture and sense of style.
・Kyoto, with its unwavering traditional Japanese charm
・Tokyo, a futuristic city of the future where world-class cutting-edge products are born day in and day out.

 The brand was inspired by the cultures and philosophies of these three different cities, as well as the sensibilities and emotions unique to Japan.



 When it comes to fragrances, they try to choose Japanese products as much as possible, and use natural fragrances that are sustainable and transparent. In addition, Ms. Murai is committed to authenticity and not being businesslike, and she believes in only releasing products that exceed her own internal standards. For this reason, the brand’s first fragrances appear to be three different types.

Our in-house laboratory creates many fragrances each year, but only a handful of them make it to market.

Chihiro Murai


 R fragrance packaging and labels are designed differently for each product. The packaging seems to be more representative of each fragrance


 The company is committed to “Made in Japan” and all manufacturing, filling, and paperwork are done in Japan. The company in charge of manufacturing is Luz Y.K., which was established in 1998 and has been producing J-Scent as its own brand. R fragrance is in charge of the manufacturing and sales of J-Scent, and R fragrance is in charge of the fragrance, sales, and planning.

It is physically possible to increase production numbers, but doing so could lower quality. I prefer to pursue quality over scale and efficiency.

Chihiro Murai


In May 2018, Ms. Murai published a book titled, “Why Are Top Class Businessmen Not Kushy? Aroma x Brain Science, and Your Work Will Go Well!”, only available in Japanese, and the book is published by Jitsugyo no Nihonsha.



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